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August Update: available today!June UpdateMay Update
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"Interiors are gorgeous! I cannot imagine my server without any of these now. They integrate so well into the world ."



"Contains a high level of detail that immerses players in the game, I highly recommend this to anyone trying to create a roleplay community."


"An attention to detail second to none! If you want top items in your server I'd recommend anything that Gabz has worked on!"




[+] How do I purchase?
We have a unique package that includes all our projects and features. Your payment will go through Tebex, who is the official FiveM partner when it comes to buying assets. After your purchase, you will be able to download your files instantly.  

[+] When will you add new content?
We will add new content monthly while listening to the community ideas and suggestions.

[+] Can I change the textures to my own taste?
Yes! We allow you to change any textures available to make it fit to your own server.

[+] How do I reach out to get support?
We would love to count you within our community members, feel free to join our discord.

[+] How much time is needed for my server to be whitelisted?
You don't have to do anything for your server to be whitelisted. Granting access to your server is automated and instant.  

[+] Do I need a specific FiveM server version to run it properly?
We highly recommend you to update your server build to 4760 or above to avoid crashes. We are using new features from Cfx.re, which work smoothly on the latest server artifacts.

[+] How is my subscription renewed?
Your subscription will be automatically renewed after 30 days. Which means you will not be charged at the beginning of each month, but based on your actual subscription date (+30 days).

[+] Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Your package will instantly be removed from the Keymaster and your access will be revoked, until you resubscribe.